PREMIERE: 16.2.2018, Maxim Gorki Theater, Studio Я, Director: Suna Gürler
…and they hug tightly, as they both understand that she has brought them to where the summer is celebrating its best days, where all is euphoria, where everybody is moving, living, crashing into each other in the air like dizzy bugs in love, grass and water and marmalade, and the water shimmers in the evening sun, and along the water line, a group of heavyweight boxers with colourful sport bras are running and singing together to the common rhythm of their feet, and with every planting of their huge feet on the ground, the ground shakes a little, and the trees tremble a little, and the birds above them panic a little, spreading all around them and creating astounding shapes of birds in the sky, like sand that changes its shape with the beat of a drum, and drums, and drums, and women assemble in big and small circles all around, applauding and cheering the breakdancing girls in the middle, shouting and encouraging light- and heavyweight ladies who wrestle in the water, roar with joy, while naked children are everywhere, floating in the air around them, touching not touching like fluffy seed heads, and once in a while they find their mothers and get entangled in their hair, dragging them, laughing, into the water, and the mothers, the mothers respond with a spontaneous somersault in the air and like long, stretched arrows they slice the water, throwing their wet bras to the bank, and swim with strong rowing movements, their skin shining in the sun like glowing backs of free whales in the heart of the ocean, while the few fathers on the shore hand little magnifying glasses to the children and they all watch together how their mothers race each other, and they cheer them and miss them very much, but they’ll have to wait patiently until the mothers come back, wet and panting, shaking their hair and skin like huge, wet Mares, and all around, the applause rises and rises, all around the applause is rising, and if you look to your sides you’ll see that everybody around you is standing, tall and stretched and glowing as a field of sunflowers looking towards the sky, because at the top of the picture, a long, black-bearded, naked woman is cutting the air like a jet plane, and she might be god, but we can really leave god now to the side, we could really talk about god in another time, because now, in this picture, a black-bearded, naked woman is crossing the sky with a roar, and she flips in the air and lets out thunder shouts, and until she disappears from their sight they won’t stop waving at her, hours they will remain like that, shiny, all together, shirtless, nipples in all colours flashing like lucky stars, and dancing, and dancing, throwing their bodies into the air, for her, for each other, for everything, turning around in endless sufi circles, long hair dangling from their armpits like hungry, dripping tongues, and pubic hair bursting from their crotches like fire coming out of lions’ mouths, and around every woman dancing under the sky there’s someone sucking her neck and sucking her lips, this is why all the women are covered with love spots: Pink and red and black lipstick leopard spots, all the naked bodies on the lake are covered with them, and the lovely sounds surrounding the picture are rocking the strong female bodies from inside and from outside, pathos here is mostly welcomed, welcome tears and welcome wailings, welcome trembling organs, welcome, and the sun is so soft, and the sun, it is already close to its sunset and like a cat the sun rubs itself between the women’s breasts, between their curves, rolling and pressing its beams on their tanned backs as a last little massage for the last time. And this is the sign to disperse: The men carry the warm, sleepy children on their chests and the women walk together, hugging, sisters, and their heavy breasts leave a trail behind them on the sand as they walk, reading to each other poetry and philosophy, yes words are the sound, are the loud, are the laughter –

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