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Sivan Ben-Yishai grew up in Jerusalem and studied Theater writing and directing in Tel-Aviv. Started her way as a director that sometimes writes, and 10 years after, 3000 km away from Jerusalem, she mostly writes. Sivan lives in Berlin in the last 8 years, writes in English and is being translated to German by her one and almost only german voice: Maren Kames. She writes about war in peace, Cappuccino and tear gas, the female gaze and suit wearing men whose time has passed.

Overview in Suhrkamp


LOVE/ An argumentative Exercise in Mülheim Theatertage 2020

OR: YOU DESERVE YOUR WAR in Radikal Jung 2020

Tarabya Kulturakademie Istanbul

Die sieben Todsünde Uraufführung Staatstheater Karlsruhe, Regie: Anna Bergmann

Guest lecturer for dramatic writing Universität der Künste Berlin

I’M A SURVIVOR/ I’M GONNA MAKE IT Royal Shakespeare Company, London



House Author of the national theatre in Mannheim, season 19-20

LOVE/ An argumentative exercise Premiere Nationaltheater Mannheim, Director: Jakob Weiss, 26.9.2019

OR: YOU DESERVE YOUR WAR (EIGHT SOLDIERS MOONSICK) Premiere Maxim Gorki Theater, Studio Я, Director: Sasha Marianna Salzmann, 26.10.2019

DADDY LOVES YOU PEN World voices, NYC, 7.5.2019 | National Theatre Helsinki, Helsinki, 27.3.2019



YOUR VERY OWN DOUBLE CRISIS CLUB Konstanz Theater, Director: Nicola Bremer, 6.10.18

DIE TONIGHT, LIVE FOREVER (Or: the principle Nosferatu) Premiere Lübeck Theater, Rampe Theater, Directed & Choreographed by Marie Bues/Nicki Liszta, 30.11.18

YOUR VERY OWN DOUBLE CRISIS CLUB Kasemattentheater Luxemburg, Director: Max Claessen, 9.6.18

DADDY LOVES YOU Premiere Studio Я, Maxim Gorki Theater, Director: Suna Gürler, 16.2.2018



THE STORY OF LIFE AND DEATH OF THE NEW BEW WEW WOOPIDU JEW Premiere Maxim Gorki Theater Studio Я, Radikale Jüdische Kulturtage, Director: Sasha Marianna Salzmann, 2.112017

YOUR VERY OWN DOUBLE CRISIS CLUB Premiere Deutsches Theater Berlin, Autorentheatertage 17, Director: András Dömötör, 23.6.2017

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